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EWS Consulting Makes Wind Energy a Reality in US

April 12, 2010

Austrian subsidiary in Chicago planning and directing US wind energy projects

Although Austria is a landlocked country with a distinctive hilly topography, meteorological preconditions permit the utilization of wind power. Austria ranked as the world’s seventeenth largest producer of wind power with an installed capacity of 995 megawatt (MW) in 2008, behind Ireland and ahead of Greece. The Austrian Wind Energy Association (Interessengemeinschaft Windkraft) estimates the Austrian potential of technically exploitable wind energy to be between 6,600 and 10,000 gigawatt-hour (GWh). Austrian-related firms, including AMSC Windtec (electrical and mechanical systems for wind turbine applications) and The Wind Company (formed by six leading Austrian wind energy companies) are playing a leading role in the US wind industry.

Now two Austrian firms are in Chicago, the emerging “wind capital” of the US. Bachmann Electronic in Gurnee, IL has offered high-tech controller and automation solutions for the wind energy sector since 2008. EWS Consulting Corp. , a wholly owned subsidiary of the Austrian firm Energiewerkstatt GmbH , opened offices in Chicago in January, 2010 to meet the need for wind energy project evaluation, measurement, planning and implementation in the US. The firm, together with a large range of partners, offers expertise for taking the guesswork out of such critical issues as yield assessments and the potential impact on neighboring sites, communities and the environment.  EWS’ first project in Sugar Creek, a 405 MW project near Illinois’ capital Springfield, is currently underway to push both current limitations of scale as well as the state’s reliance on nuclear energy.

According to EWS´ CEO Daniel Gahleiter, “Every kilowatt of energy saved is a kilowatt that does not have to have to be produced. We help communities think in generations, combining ecology and technology to enable them to achieve an optimal energy concept with renewable energy at the core.” With close to 20 years experience gained in the European market, EWS is poised to make wind power the energy source of the future in the US—the short-term future.