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Gaulhofer - its first American location in the US

November 14, 2014

Premier Austrian window and door manufacturer picks Jacksonville for its US debut 

As reported in the Jacksonville Business Journal, Gaulhofer, an Austrian company with its first American location in Jacksonville, is opening its high-quality doors (and windows) to top designers, architects and real estate agents in a showroom exhibition.

Manfred Gaulhofer, a top manufacturer of high-end windows and doors, partnered with Jacksonville-based importer Lee Webster to bring his products to the United States. Although the partnership began in 2011, the company first had to prove it could pass Florida's strongest testing and certification process. Now that it proved its quality could surpass Category 4 hurricanes and other impacts, Gaulhofer and Webster are ready to bring the furnishings to other areas of Florida; eventually they will launch nationwide.

The plan, said Webster, is to continue to reach out to high-end home designers in Jacksonville, while extending to Naples and Palm Beach County. Then, they'll stretch into the mid-Atlantic, the Midwest (where they already have a dealer interested), Rocky Mountain resort towns and California.

The key to the quality of the products is not only the craftsmanship, but also the energy efficiency the windows provide.

A well-designed and constructed window — of paramount importance in European nations — can make or break a home, said Gaulhofer. Safety, noise-cancellation and efficiency are all crucial to the design of his products, which utilize a tilt-and-turn design. His windows, instead of the lift-up design Americans are most familiar with, open by swinging in like a door, or by tilting on a hinge at the bottom for ventilation.
"We've been doing this for 95 years," Gaulhofer said. "We know not only is a window a tremendously important part of the house, it adds to the well-being of people."

View the video to see Manfred Gaulhofer discuss his products and why he brought them to Jacksonville.