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Greiner Group: from Kremsmünster to the whole world

June 19, 2017

The Greiner Group increased its sales again in the 2016 fiscal year. Globalization, diversification, and innovation were the key success factors.

The products of Greiner Group , one of the world’s leading companies in the plastics and foam industries, are indispensable to daily life. They offer products like yoghurt cups, foam mattresses, blood collection tubes, and seats in cars or airplanes as well as equipment for profile extrusion. In 2016, the Greiner Group continued its successful path. 9,722 employees at 134 locations generated an annual turnover of 1.475 billion Euros. This was made possible by the consistent implementation of Greiner’s globalization strategy, further strengthening the power of innovation, and continuous development of the product segments in the various business sectors. 

Glabalization is advancing

Europe is the Greiner Group's core market, accounting for about 75 percent of its sales, followed by North America and Asia, each with 10 percent. "Opening up new markets remains a key issue. In addition to the US, our focus is on the BRICS countries, as these markets will show stronger growth in the medium to long term compared to Europe," Mr. Axel Kühner, Chairman of the Board, explains. In 2016, Greiner Packaging established a joint venture with an Indian packaging company, which brings the company together with food packaging for the dairy industry on the Indian market. The expansion of the Greiner Bio-One production site in Brazil was completed as planned in the autumn of 2016. Additionally, a sales office was opened in Turkey. In order to optimally handle global orders from major automotive manufacturers in the future, Greiner Foam International established joint ventures in 2016 in China and Mexico. 

"Plastics for Life" for the conscious handling of plastics

With the implementation of the “Plastics for Life” sustainability strategy, the Greiner Group is taking an important step towards continuing the company’s positive development. The company is operating actively as a responsible plastic processor. „Plastic facilitates our daily life in many areas. We also know that our products can contribute to environmental pollution if they are not properly disposed of. Therefore, we want to increase awareness of the best possible way to handle plastics,” Mr. Axel Kühner explains. „Innovation is important for sustainability. We recognize great potential in innovative and sustainable product solutions, and this creates an added value to our customers,” CFO Hannes Moser added. Plastic should be used wherever it has advantages, like CO2 savings due to plastic’s lower weight during transportation, compared to other raw materials. Using plastic waste as a resource for new products is also a key issue in the company’s focus on sustainability. 

Investments in the Austrian location

The Greiner Group is remaining true to its headquarters location in Austria. In the autumn of 2017, a groundbreaking ceremony for an expansion of the headquarters in Kremsmünster will take place. A total sum of 16 million Euros will be invested in the expansion. In addition to a new apprentice training center, a modern Greiner Campus with office and open work spaces as well as a bistro for employees will be built.