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February 15, 2013

Austrian dispensing equipment in charge of Hofbräuhaus Chicago’s beverages 

Last week the Austrian company Gruber Schanksysteme GmbH had something to celebrate. Their beverage dispensing equipment now guarantees precise portions and minimal pouring loss at the newly opened Hofbräuhaus in Chicago. This is a major success for the Austrian company as this is a complete new approach contrary to the commonly practice of free pouring restaurants and bars in the US. The equipment’s primary aim is to get precise portions and to minimize loss. One of Mr. Gruber’s US customer raves about increased beer sales of 20 %, the purchase amount staying the same, after installing their dispensing equipment in his restaurant.

The US market has big potential for the Austrian company and they have plans to intensify their sales efforts at least on the East Coast. The main attention and focus will stay on the market in Austria and Germany. Last year Gruber GmbH & Co KG had sales of 14.7 Mio. Euro, dispensing equipment accounting for a fourth of it. The company is also engaged in the production and distribution of soft drinks.

Further information about the company you can find here:
 Gruber GmbH