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HD Week 2013: Austrian apprenticeship model in the US

February 5, 2013

Invited by the World Bank in Washington DC, Mr. Karl Ruedisser, CEO of Blum Inc participated in a panel discussion „How are skills built for and on the job?” on January 29th. Mr. Ruedisser - co-founder of the successful “Apprenticeship2000” program – shared his company’s ingredients to foster successful skills training for the workplace and engaged in a fruitful discussion with more than 200 participants.

Blum successfully established its Austrian apprenticeship model at its US production facility in North Carolina in 1995. Besides Blum Apprenticeship 2000 partner organizations include: Ameritech Die & Mold, Inc., Max Daetwyler Corp., Pfaff Molds, Sarstedt, Timken, Central Piedmont Community College and the North Carolina Department of Labor. Each year, Apprenticeship 2000 recruits from twenty-seven high schools in six surrounding counties and from the workforce of participating companies. The program offers training and careers in the following areas: tool and die maker, electronics technician, CNC machinist, mold & plastics technician, machine technician, and welding fabricator.

Blum graduates receive an Associate degree in Manufacturing Technology from CPCC, a journeyman’s certificate from the North Carolina Department of Labor and a guaranteed minimum salary of $34,000 per year with no contractual requirement to stay with Blum. Graduates start work at Blum with a competitive salary and no school loans to pay back.

In the photo from the left to the right:

Ms. Renana Jhabvala, National Coordinator, Self-Employed
Women's Assocation. Email:

Ms. Mona Mourashad, Head of Global Education Practice,
McKinsey and Company. Email:

Mr. Karl Rudisser, President and CEO, Blum, Inc. Email:

Mr. Sergio Urzua, Assistant Professor, Economics, University of
Maryland. Email:

Mr. Hasan Tuluy, Regional Vice President, Latin America and the
Caribbean, The World Bank. Email: