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Austrian chocolatier Zotter launches US online store

June 11, 2015

Chocolate fountains, chocolate cable cars, and a chocolate bar, meaning a bar that invites you to taste different kinds of liquid chocolate - heaven on earth for everyone who has a sweet tooth. This is the Zotter Chocolate Theater in Riegersburg, Austria (Styria). Now Zotter is coming to the US – finally! 

Zotter starts Zotter Chocolate LLC with a head office in Cape Coral, FL, and launches an interactive webshop featuring a Mi-Xing Bar as well as a Chocolate Candy Confectionator.

Zotter’s creative center for chocolate manufacturing, innovation, and bean-to-bar-production is a 60,000 sqf cubic glass house sitting in the middle of picturesque Styrian vineyards, surrounded by green meadows, and accompanied by their edible zoo. Around 300,000 visitors toured the famous Chocolate Theater in 2014. The whole production is taking place there as well, homemade and manufactured in house: Josef Zotter and his team produce bean-to-bar, an all-time one-of-a-kind operation throughout whole Europe.

Zotter was founded by Josef Zotter as a family business as a small business in Graz (Austria) in 1987, 5 years later he starts making chocolate in the back room of his small-scale confectionary, and opens up three branches in 1992 before he is forced to go into administration in 1996 which becomes a pivotal moment in his life and lets him introduce a new product range of hand-ladled bars of drinking chocolate. A few years later he even gets invited to Harvard and turns out to be the first Austrian company being included in the prestigious American university’s curriculum as a case study.

What makes Zotter so unique you immediately want to enjoy it? Zotter’s must-have traits in a nutshell: 100% organic, 100% fair trade, 100% vegan, 100% bean-to-bar. Bean-to-bar is considered the supreme art of chocolate making. Highest quality standards, a one-of-a-kind taste, and smart packaging with humorous messages as well as amusing short stories dedicated to all chocoholics out there. Voted ‘The best chocolate in the world by Georg Bernardini who tested 271 companies from 38 countries and 2,700 products for his book “Der Schokoladentester“.

Hand scooped chocolate bars with catchy names are awaiting you …!