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Julius Meinl Expanding In The US

September 1, 2009

Vienna-style "Kaffeehaus" in Chicago - Unbeatable flair and taste 

Vienna, Austria claims to be the coffee capital of the world. The next best thing to sipping a cup of coffee in Vienna might be to have one at either of the two Julius Meinl cafes in Chicago . Together with their U.S. partners, Steve Farley and Mike Spingola, the Meinls exported their version of a Viennese "‘Kaffeehau" to the U.S. Austrian Consul General Robert Zischg and Austrian Trade Commissioner Franz Rössler tested the authentic flavor of Meinl coffee in August 2009 and talked with the U.S. partners about their further expansion plans.

Julius Meinl is the place in Chicago to get Austrian coffee, teas and jams. The cafes also offer an excellent selection of Austrian-themed drinks and sandwiches as well as Goulash and Käsespätzle. You don’t have to live in Chicago to enjoy Meinl coffee, as you can also order the coffee beans by phone or online.