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Optimistic Outlook for the Austrian Packaging Industry

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July 21, 2011

Production expected to increase in the coming months

The current state of the Austrian packaging industry appears to be excellent. According to an article published by the Austrian trade journal Austropack , considerably more businesses managed to expand their production in the last three months as opposed to those that had to make cuts. These findings fall in line with those of the ifo Institute in Munich regarding the German packaging industry. Contrary to the Austrian equivalent, it seems that the German packaging industry has already surpassed the cyclical high point, meaning that the number of businesses capable of expanding their production is now in decline. A quick glance at the industry in Austria has not yet revealed a similar situation: An approximate 80% to 90% of the businesses questioned reported adequate or more than adequate orders. Nevertheless, a stagnation of several months in exports has been observed.

Expectations of Austrian businesses for the coming months are quite optimistic. Considerably more firms are anticipating an increase in production than a decrease in production. Predictions concerning the employment situation are greeted with optimism as well, outweighing those with a more negative outlook by a significant margin. Even greater than the number of companies anticipating an increase in production are those expecting an increase in prices. This is where developments in the Austrian and German packaging industries concur, for most segments of the latter prophesize such increases as well. This, in return, is giving the Austrian packaging trade a positive outlook for the rest of the summer.