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Rosenbauer America Receives Minnesota Global Trade Award 2010

November 23, 2010

Austrian-American company selected for developing a significant part of its business in foreign markets

The Minnesota Trade Office (MTO) has named nine companies winners of the 2010 Governor's International Trade Awards for success in building global markets. Among the nine winners that were honored in Oct. 2010 was the Austrian-American company Rosenbauer America LLC.

"Minnesota companies sold nearly $15 billion in manufactured exports last year," said Dan McElroy, Commissioner of the Department of Employment and Economic Development. "State exports have rebounded strongly through the first half of 2010, approaching the record volumes of 2008. The nine award winners recognize the value that diverse, global markets can bring to their bottom line." Rosenbauer America LLC and the other companies were selected for developing and continuing to expand a significant part of their business in foreign markets, for increasing or maintaining jobs in Minnesota to support international sales, and for developing novel approaches for competing globally. "These nine firms are a good example of the hard work and ingenuity that it takes to succeed in foreign markets," said Ed Dieter, acting executive director of the Minnesota Trade Office. "The Minnesota Trade Office is proud to partner with these companies and hundreds more to help them develop their global reach."
Rosenbauer America LLC ., Wyoming is an enterprise consisting of three companies – U.S. based Central States and General Safety and Austrian-based Rosenbauer International -- with a combined history of more than 200 years in the firefighting and rescue vehicle field.