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Schur Flexibles breaking into America

August 18, 2016

After the change in ownership Schur Flexibles plans investment and corporate takeovers in Europe and the USA before the end of the third quarter

Vienna. Recently the U.S. private equity fund Lindsay Goldberg acquired Schur Flexibles. Now the manufacturer of flexible packaging (composite products made of paper, plastic and aluminum) with headquarters in Baden near Vienna has great expansion plans. CEO and part-owner of Schur Flexibles Jakob Mosser says: “Investments in new, innovative product groups as well as company takeovers are planned.” The acquisitions are intended to be made in Europe and the USA for now. Two of them are expected to be settled before the end of the third quarter of this year. Mosser states that local in-house production is expected to reinforce present sales in the USA. Schur Flexibles anticipates perfect conditions for further growth. Therefore, the decision to continue business with a financially strong majority owner was made.

Lindsay Goldberg manages equity capital of USD 14 billion and is thus ten times bigger than the prior German majority shareholder Capiton.

In 2015 the company achieved sales of EUR 370 billion and employed 1,100 people. Ranked by sales, Schur Flexibles is the seventh largest producer of flexible packaging in Europe. Half of the turnover is generated by the food industry. Due to the trade restrictions with Russia there are severe negative effects on customers, Mosser mentions. The constraints between Russia and the EU have existed since summer 2014 and are the result of the armed conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.

Food with a long shelf life

Schur Flexibles does not wish to release information on what kind of new packaging it is looking to invest in. “Spectacular, new types of packaging will be launched. We want to be the industry leader,” says the chief executive. In the sector of food packaging, innovations are emerging that will extend the life of food. The growth that Schur Flexibles was able to register was mainly ascribed to the acquisition of medium-sized manufacturers in the packaging sector. Within the last six years eleven companies with production facilities all across Europe have been taken over. Since last year, Schur Flexibles’ success has been due to organic growth. The current rate of growth in the flexible packaging sector is around two percent per year.