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Smart manufacturing gets accessible

March 14, 2016

Fronius WeldCube offers sophisticated in line continuous quality assurance system

“Smart manufacturing” is one of those terms which can mean both anything and nothing.  What once was only“book smart” in a factory is now becoming more “street smart.” One good example is offered by the Austrian-based firm Fronius, which is seamlessly integrating user-friendly systems in resistance welding.

The article “Captured:  Real-Time Welding Data to Optimize Quality, Efficiency” in the March, 2016 edition of Metal FormingMagazine features Fronius’ WeldCube documentation and data analysis system.  The article discusses how welding data management systems allow production managers to keep close watch over numerous productivity-related metrics.  Fronius’ documentation and data analysis system WeldCube connects as many as 50 power sources on an industry PC with integrated software to  monitor projects for workers, prevent production downtime and increase safety. 

Why does this matter?  There has been a persistant shortage of skilled labor in welding, so having machines with sophisticated technologies does not always mean being able to use them.  The WeldCube system is made to be used throughout the organization, from the production line worker  monitoring a job to a manager quantifying profitability.  That makes everything easier for everyone.  Very smart.