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The Best City in the World to Live in? Again Vienna, Austria!



May 28, 2010

Vienna retains the top spot as the city with the world’s highest quality of living, according to the Mercer 2010 Quality of Living Survey (LINK MIT The Swiss cities Zurich and Geneva follow in second and third position, respectively, while Vancouver (Canada) and Auckland (New Zealand) remain a joint fourth in the rankings.

The Mercer Human Resource Consulting Group, which ranks cities to help governments and companies figure out compensation for employees assigned overseas, has named Vienna the world's best city to live in for the second year in a row. The judgment is based on a survey accounting for the city's economy, crime rate, health services, schools, climate, and restaurants, among other factors. Vienna’s top position is due mainly to the stable and safe political and social environment and the high quality of public infrastructure.

Mercer’s Quality of Living index list covers 221 cities worldwide. The rankings are based on a point-scoring index, which scores Vienna at 108.6 and Baghdad 14.7. Cities are ranked against New York as the base city, with an index score of 100. From all U.S. cities evaluated, Honolulu ranked Nr. 31, followed by San Francisco (Nr. 32), Boston (37), Chicago (45), Washington DC (46), New York (49) and Seattle (50).