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The world’s most livable city: Vienna!

March 14, 2019

Vienna again holds the position for the most livable city in the world. In their yearly global ranking, Mercer ranked the Austrian capital as having the world’s highest quality of living for the tenth consecutive time.

Vienna is followed by Zurich in second, and Vancouver in third place. According to Mercer, the factors included in the city-to-city comparison for determining the quality of living include housing, availability of consumer goods, education, public services and transportation, medical and health considerations, the political environment and even the natural and socio-cultural environment.  In addition, a separate ranking on personal safety has been released, which also shows Western Europe in the lead.

How did Vienna achieve a number one ranking, and how can a city improve its quality of living? To provide an enjoyable place to live and also attract foreign talent and businesses, the city must offer growth and global awareness, communication and transportation infrastructure and city amenities.

Expats living in Vienna say the inexpensive transportation, excellent healthcare and a vibrant cultural scene justify its number one position in the ranking. They furthermore stress the variety of leisure time activities all year round and the abundance of parks and green spaces (50% of the city comprises green areas!). In summer, beer gardens and lovely cafè terraces become the place to be, while in wintertime the Christmas markets take their spot. Particularly in terms of cultural experiences, Vienna is a gem. If the wealth of sights and history, classical music events, art and architecture Vienna has to offer still don’t convince you to a visit, maybe a slice of the world-famous Sachertorte will do!

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March 14, 2019