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Tyrolit Acquires US Market Leader

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August 5, 2009

Austrian member of Swarovski Group strengthens N. American position through Radiac Abrasives 

Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG out of Schwaz, Austria has acquired Radiac Abrasives, Inc. of Salem, IL for an undisclosed sum. Sharing histories that go back a century, Tyrolit has revenues of $725 million and employs over 4,500 people in 25 production facilities and 15 countries; Radiac has revenues of $77 million and employs 400 people in four locations in the US and Mexico. Tyrolit is a leading worldwide manufacturer of conventional bonded and superabrasive products to the industrial metalworking, construction, and natural stone industries. Radiac is the second largest manufacturer of bonded abrasives and superabrasive grinding wheels, serving industrial customers in the aerospace, oil and gas, primary metals and automotive markets. Its North American market represents approximately 25% of the global abrasives marketplace.

There are several factors which make this acquisition significant. First, Tyrolit will continue to market Radiac® as an independent brand with products made at the company’s current manufacturing facilities. Secondly, as their industry faces consolidation, the companies’ marriage of conventional bonded and superabrasive products will strengthen their market position to industrial customers. Thirdly, the combination of Tyrolit’s R&D and technical expertise with Radiac’s wide product range should leverage significant distribution synergies to expand global markets. Last but not least, Tyrolit’s acquisition in these trying economic times speaks strongly of its standing as a market leader in the international abrasives industry.

More information can be found here in English and in German