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The winners of the US-A-Biz Award 2015

February 27, 2015

Doka, FACC, Getzner, opvizor, Siemens Austria and TTTech won the 2015 US-A-Biz Award for their top performance on the US market

Every year Hollywood is in the world's limelight for the Oscar Awards, the most coveted prize of the world film industry. Two days earlier the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles/ ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA awarded the US-A-Biz Award, the "Business-Oskar" for excellent performance of Austrian companies on the US market. "The US-A-Biz Award brings the extraordinary and innovative on the red carpet and in the media spotlight. In many cases these world champions of niche markets are hardly known in Austria," says Rudolf Thaler, Austrian Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles. On February 20th this award was presented for the fifth consecutive year.

Thaler: "The nominees of the US-A-Biz Award underscore the competitive strength of the Austrian economy in the world’s most demanding and most competitive market. Large publicly traded companies as well as small and medium-sized companies assert themselves in their niche markets with innovations, excellent service and customer focus." This year the winners are companies in information technology, aerospace, transportation and construction, that performed outstanding achievements in 2014. This year there was also a special category for the world championship performance of the Austrian ski industry at the World Cup in Vail / Beaver Creek.

"The entire Austrian export industry should have earned a US-A-Biz Award, as it produced a sensational increase in exports to the United States: from 9% in the first eleven months of 2014, to 7.15 billion Euros. Thus the 2013 bar for exports to the U.S. was raised above 7 billion Euros" says Thaler. Compared to other export destinations, Austria has also the world's largest trade surplus with the United States. Imports from the United States amounted to Euro 4.17 billion, an increase of 2.4% compared to the same period last year.

And the Winners of the 2015 US-A-Biz Award are……

In the category 'Spectacular':
Doka GmbH - The innovative climbing formwork of Doka was used in New York City in building the tallest residential high-rise in the Western Hemisphere. Other spectacular projects were the formwork on the towers of the World Trade Center in NYC, the highest bridge in Virginia, the tunnel under the Elizabeth River, a railway bridge in Portland and a luxurious building in Honolulu. Doka targeted the rapidly growing high-rise construction segment and expanded its distribution network with a branch office in Florida and a logistics center in Chicago.
Other nominees were: Obersteirische Molkerei eGen and webLyzard technology gmbh.

In the category 'Trendsetter':
Getzner GmbH - The specialist for vibration solutions from Vorarlberg makes the subway in New York City glide quietly thanks to the high-tech materials for vibration protection of Getzner. They also installed the largest full-surface foundation of the United States in a public school. One of their most renowned consulting projects is the vibrational decoupling of the 130 meter high 'Rushmore' building in NYC, which added considerable living and working quality to a skyscraper built over a railway tunnel. Getzner solutions are increasingly used in the US in the construction-, railway- and industrial sector.
The other nominee was: Delacon Biotechnology GmbH.

In the category 'Startup':
opvizor GmbH - This Viennese startup was able to collect USD 2.15 million in venture capital in the United States for its security software to prevent power failures. In an amazingly short time they acquired four major US customers, including a world-renowned healthcare company. Numerous new customers were added by establishing a presence in Houston, and the customer pipeline has been significantly expanded.
The other nominee was: Cyberith GmbH.

In the category of 'Innovation':
TTTech Computer Technology AG - This Viennese company conquered the U.S. (and the universe) with its highly reliable network technology ‘TTTEthernet’. In December of last year the Orion spacecraft of NASA completed its maiden voyage with on board the TTTEthernet, which controls all crucial components of the system. TTTech technology was also used on the Boeing Dreamliner for the control of electrical- and cabin pressure control .
The other nominee was: DEWETRON GmbH.

In the category of 'Investment':
FACC AG - This Upper Austrian specialist for technologically advanced lightweight solutions in the international supply industry started a high-tech investment project in Wichita and in the record time of only three months started operations in a plant, which specializes in the conversion of fuel-saving Split Scimitar winglets. Over 3,000 Boeing 737NG are about to switch to the new winglets in the coming years, which is about 70% of the planes located in the United States.

In the category of 'Market Penetration':
Siemens AG Austria - Siemens strengthened its market position with a spectacular order of the Department of Transportation of the City of San Francisco: 175 rail cars were supplied for a value of 648 million USD. Including an option for other 85 cars this is the largest order for light rail vehicles that was ever awarded in the United States. Siemens produces the light rail cars in a plant in Sacramento, CA, in accordance with the "Buy America"-act. 1,300 "Made in USA"-trams and light rails were delivered in 17 cities. The Headquarters for the Siemens transportation business is located in Vienna.
Other nominees were: AMAG Austria Metall AG and Doppelmayr Cable Cars GmbH.

Special Category 'World Champion of Brands':
The Austrian ski industry made a clean sweep of medals at the Ski World Cup in Vail / Beaver Creek: Austrian skis won 30 out of 48 medals, including 11 gold, 8 silver and 11 bronze medals. The brands in 2nd place (France: 11 medals) and 3rd (Switzerland: 4 medals) delivered combined only half of the Austrian medal count. On the Austrian-podium there is Atomic (8 medals: 4 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze), Fischer (7 medals: 4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) and Head that triumphed 15 times with 3 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze medals.

US-A-Biz Award 2016
Thaler: "Next year there will be another US-A-Biz Award, whereby it is already certain that all nominees and participating Austrian exporters will be outstanding, as they are competing in the fast-paced and service-oriented US market against a very strong competition." The first day after the Oscars in 2015 is the first day to work towards the US-A-Biz Awards of 2016. "I invite all Austrian companies doing business in the United States to inform the Austrian Trade Commission about their projects, on one side to assist them and on the other side to draw attention of media and state representatives to the successful involvement of Austrian companies in the US market" Thaler concluded.