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US-A-Biz Awards for outstanding achievements of Austrian companies in the US market

February 25, 2013

 Late Guests to the Austrian Oscar Viewing Party included Oscar Winner Haneke 

For the third year in a row, the Austrian Trade Commission in Los Angeles has awarded the US-A-Biz Awards, its own “Oscars” for outstanding achievements of Austrian companies in the US market. Eighteen companies had garnered nominations. Six of them were pronounced winners in the categories “spectacular”, “trendsetter”, “investment”, “innovation”, “market penetration” and “start-up”, at the exclusive Austrian Oscar Viewing Party co-hosted by the Austrian Consul General Karin Proidl and Austrian Trade Commissioner Rudolf Thaler.

Over 290 guests gathered at the ritzy residence of Ms. Proidl in Brentwood, a posh area of Los Angeles, to watch the “real” Oscar award celebrations on big TV screens whilst taking delight in Austrian food prepared by chef Bernhard Mairinger, owner of the Austrian restaurant Bierbeisl in Beverly Hills. Wolfgang Puck, Austria’s most famous chef, although busily preparing food for the 1.600 guests at the Governors Ball, sent sweet desserts to the Austrian Oscar Viewing Party. The residence teemed with VIPs from Austrian film, media, politics and business. Some guests had come all the way from Austria or Japan to get a flavor of Hollywood. Even Austrian Federal Minister Claudia Schmied, in charge of education, arts and culture, found her way to the party.

The tension was palpable, when the Oscars for those categories were announced, where two Austrians had been nominated. The party guests erupted in roaring applause when both Michael Haneke (category “best foreign film“) and Christoph Waltz (category “best supporting actor”) received Oscars.

Of course, a highlight for the guests from the business community was the US-A-Biz Award announcement.

And the Winners for the US-A-Biz Award 2013 are …

  • … in the category “spectacular”: CAMCAT-SYSTEMS GMBH, which delivered spectacular images for the NBC broadcast of the U.S. presidential election with its hi-tech cable car cameras.

  • … in the category “trendsetter”: Frequentis AG, which signed a ten-year agreement with the FAA air traffic control and sets industry standards. Control Support for the successful NASA Mars mission. All NASA ground stations in the world are equipped with Frequentis voice communication systems. New strategic business breakthrough is the area of public safety.

  • … in the category “innovation”: Anger Machining GmbH is supplying the largest transmission plant in North America - the largest contract in its history – with the most modern machinery for the latest generation of 9-speed automatic transmissions. They delivered 900,000 parts per year with 2 - 4 thousandth mm accuracy to Chrysler. Mr. Dietmar Bahn, the CEO of Anger Machining GmbH, personally picked up the award.

  • … in the category ‘investment’: voestalpine AG invests 50 million Euro in the automotive sector in a production facility for press-hardened ultra-strength steels. Furthermore the construction of a plant in North America to produce direct reduced iron ore pellets is planned. First stage: 500 million Euros.

  • … in the category “Start-Up”: Blue Monkeys GmbH - with their new U.S. office Everbill - received in record time of only two months funding from the choosy venture capital firm 500 Startups (600 applications per week). Everbill creates Internet accounting documents for small businesses. Mr. Harald Trautsch, CEO of Blue Monkeys GmbH, was present to pick up the award.

  • … in the category “market penetration”: Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG (SBO) with its high performance drill motors and circulation tools is market leader in the US. SBO is a quality and technology leader in the industry.

Special Achievement Awards were also awarded to Red Bull (for their unprecedented PR stunt of Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of the stratosphere) and Wega Film, the producer of “Amour” (represented by Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz and the whole film crew).