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US innovation system buys expertise and internet technologies from Austria

March 11, 2016

US innovation system uses AIT Austrian Institute of Technology's internationally recognized expertise in internet technologies.

AIT experts in collaboration with international universities are using their expertise in internet technologies to significantly enhance access to and use of invaluable online historical resources. As a part of the “"Pelagios" project, the US-based Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is founding the work.

The new online tools make digitized cultural heritage, such as centuries-old maps and manuscripts, more easily discoverable for everyone; and at the same time enable scholars to work more productively in the digitization and publication of new materials online. Digital methods are used to identify places referenced in historical sources. By cross referencing the places digitally, it becomes possible for the first time to compare the content of maps and texts in detail side by side. 

AIT's innovative data processing, annotation and visualization technologies are enabling Pelagios partners to work with and gather evidence from historical sources more efficiently; to conduct search and analysis on the resulting huge data in real time; and to explore the complex relations that exist within it interactively. Tools developed as part of the Pelagios project are already being used by institutions and experts from 13 countries in 8 different languages.

AIT's "Digital Insight" research team has acquired an international reputation for managing large and complex data sets. The digital technologies developed by AIT feature extremely easy to use interfaces and allow large and complex data to be processed using special techniques. When combined with specialist expertise in the field of historical data, AIT's technologies help advance the work of experts operating in archives, libraries and research institutions around the world.