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Watch the Video “Austria aims to be a leader in renewable Energy Sources”

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March 30, 2011

The region of Carinthia on the Road to Sustainability

Watch the video at link.

The project "Lebensland Kärnten " (Living Land of Carinthia) shows very impressive results with numerous electric car, bicycle, and motorcycle recharging stations throughout all urban and rural areas of the state. This progressive region has taken leadership for renewable energy production with over 43% of its total energy being produced through alternative sources. It also has the most comprehensive plan and electric charging stations grid of any location in Europe and perhaps the world.

In an interview on March 13, 2011, the Ambassador from the Embassy of Austria, Christian Prosl and two of the regional leaders of the eMobility project: Albert Kreiner and Gerald Miklin shared their practical insights on how such a program can be implemented in an city or region around the globe. By 2050 Austria aims to produce 100% of its energy from renewable sources. Austrian Ambassador Christian Prosl set the stage with some general information on Austria and renewable energy use. He mentioned the model region of Guessing (Burgenland) where already today 100% renewable energy sources are used. Güssing is another region in Austria with 27.000 inhabitants which is the global model of energy independence based on generating 100% renewable energy sources since 2001.

Project "Lebensland Kärnten” shares the latest technologies, policies, and products that have placed the ancient Roman region Carinthia, Austria as the "best in class" with its eMobility Project. It is to combine the production of renewable energy from a host of sources with all-electric cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles to service the entire region, eventually the rest of Austria, and possibly Europe.

Carinthia is actively encouraging manufacturing companies of alternative fuel vehicles, storage batteries, and electric charging stations - along with solar panel, wind turbine, and smart grid systems to locate there. Its eMobility project is the forerunner of a comprehensive energy strategy which can serve as a "best practices" example to address an enormous global market. The Austrian Government promotes bottom-up initiatives by its various regions. These regions are taking measures to become energy independent, whether in electricity, heating, energy conservation, transportation, or some combination of these initiatives. The Carinthia Administration (state) has 43% of its total energy needs being provided by renewable sources.

EmeraldPlanet who aired the program is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to identifying at least 1,000 'best practices' for sustainable environmental and economic development.