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What do Austrians like to do on their “staycations?”



July 19, 2010

Read more magazines and newspapers, less TV and internet

When Austrians spend their summer vacation at home, reading is the order of the day: 35% read more daily newspapers than usual and 38% more magazines and periodicals. In contrast, 53% watch less TV, 48% limit their internet usage and 25% cut out one or the other completely.

These are the results of a recent “MindMinutes” study conducted by the media agency Mindshare to determine Austrians’ usage of different media during their vacation time at home in the months of July through September.

This is of major interest to the printing industry. According to Mindshare, this means an ad could gain more exposure in the summer months which traditionally reflect a decline in advertising, and this “in a relaxed vacation atmosphere and seen by a readership with more disposable income.” This free time is therefore a chance for advertisers to effectively increase their brand awareness in an atmosphere free of distractions, thereby effectively heightening the value of the ad.