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Workforce Retraining: What America Can Learn From the World’s Leaders

February 6, 2017

WIFI - best practice from Austria. Monika Elsik, Deputy Director General, WIFI Austria, discusses Austria's world renowned retraining programs at US Senate event.

February 16, 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Washington, DC

The unrelenting forces of competition, technology, and globalization pose a tremendous challenge in keeping workers continuously equipped and updated with the skills they need to compete in the rapidly changing global economy. A nation’s ability to retrain and reskill its workers at the pace of technological change is essential. Austria and Germany—through their nationwide “WIFI” vocational training and apprenticeship programs, respectively—represent two of the world’s leaders in providing sophisticated workforce retraining.

Join ITIF for the first event in its @Work series  to discuss insights from leading countries’ workforce retraining programs, plus leading efforts in the United States, such as the innovative efforts at LIFT, Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, one of America’s new Institutes of Manufacturing Innovation. Panelists will discuss how lessons from these leading programs can translate into policies and actions bolstering America’s approach to workforce retraining.

Detailed information on the conference as well as registration: conference website

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