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“Paper and Biorefinery Conference” to take place May 11 - 12, 2016 in Graz, Austria

January 4, 2016

English-language conference and trade show becoming increasingly international

In 2016, the “Paper Conference“ in Graz, Austria will prove yet again that it is a premier event reflecting the latest trends and industry developments. It is a matter of fact that today’s paper and pulp sector is acting globally, embracing sustainability, and constantly leveraging new potential beyond the classical field of paper production. Production companies have long since started to operate biorefineries and also serve as energy suppliers. Never before have their success strategies been more versatile, more innovative, and global.

Acknowledging these developments, the “Paper Conference” has adopted a new title, extended focus, and international format.

As initiators, the goal is to create an open platform that sends out inspirational signals for the future. Giving the “biorefinery” sector and its many facets an even higher priority is an essential step along the way. Addressing more topics and building a network along the entire timber value-added chain and in the fields of human resources/training are further steps in the same direction. Choosing English as the primary language of the lectures will help to increasingly get important international contacts involved.

Of course the event will continue to address current topics presented by distinguished speakers, feature an interesting trade show, and offer entertaining side events. All details about these will be published in due time. Check back often at . The “Paper & Biorefinery Conference” is a joint initiative of the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry, the Academic Paper Engineering Association at the University of Technology Graz, and the Austrian Association of Pulp and Paper Chemists and Technicians.