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Austria – the land of water



June 16, 2008

Current study by the U.S. Commercial Service in Vienna

 - Austria is rich in water resources, due to a fortunate combination of sufficient precipitation, significant rivers, a moderate climate and a history of effective water management that reaches back into the previous century.

- In Austria, all tap water is potable. The water transported to households and used for everything from washing clothes to flushing toilets is of drinking quality.

- The Austrian drinking water infrastructure is in many ways unique in Europe, and indeed, the world. It is characterized by an enormous number of providers: around 6,000. Further, because Austria’s groundwater is of such excellent quality, most drinking water is distributed without treatment or disinfection. 

You can find these and other facts and figures on municipal water and wastewater management in Austria in a study currently published by the
U.S. Commercial Service in Vienna. The report gives great insight into the Austrian water and wastewater industry, laws and regulations, etc. and can be accessed here

For more information on environmental technology from Austria, please contact the Austrian Trade Commission in Chicago at or (312) 644-5556.