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Austria's Fronius Enjoys Success in the United States

Fronius is a worldwide leader and innovator in the field of welding, and solar technology.

Fronius’s advanced welding equipment has gained a tremendous worldwide, as well as, U.S. following. This equipment utilizes advanced technology and features, which help Fronius machinery outperform competitors as well as perform operations which other machines cannot.

Using Fronius’s technology, U.S. manufacturers are able to increase quality and efficiency; this translates into higher productivity and also helps to allow companies to keep jobs in the United States.

In addition, Fronius’s solar technology division is also becoming immensely successful, especially given the current high energy costs and growing environmental awareness in the United States.

Fronius’s US headquarters was opened in 2001 by CEO Franz Dietachmair. Today the company has approximately 50 employees and is growing. Franz Roessler and Chris Schluter from the Austrian Trade Commission in Chicago recently visited Fronius USA in Brighton, Michigan (near Detroit).