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Austria's Solar Rush

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May 19, 2008

  New Plant Capacity  of 1,5 Mio m2 sun collector area

Solar pioneer Xolar, Kirchdorf , Austria , to purchase a new plant, which is designed for a total capacity of 1,5 Mio m2 sun collector area. Production during 2008 is estimated at 100,000; next year at full production will deliver 200,000. The plant will eventually be fully expanded to 1.5 Mio m2 by 2014.

Market leader GreenOneTec , Austria , anticipates to increase the annual capacity fourfold. One year’s installations equals that of Austria ’s entire quarter century solar history. Still, this does not present a problem, since the large producers export more than two thirds of their production, with another 30 percent of market share in Europe . The Austrian Solar Association notes that all European states endeavor to set rules and incentives for solar heat in an effort to reach their goals.

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