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Austrian Know-How at Work in the US

January 30, 2008

 EBNER supplies ALCOA with world’s largest state-of-the-art HICON® pusher-type furnace facilities

Alcoa, a leading aluminum producer, has ordered Ebner to install two state-of-the-art HICON® pusher-type furnace facilities at its Tennessee Operations in the U.S. The furnaces will be used for annealing aluminum ingot needed to produce high-quality aluminum sheet for the beverage industry.

“The EBNER HICON® pusher-type furnace provides substantial energy savings and excellent reliability compared to the conventional box-type furnace it will replace,” said Malcolm Murphy, Alcoa Tennessee location manager.

According to a comparative calculation, EBNER HICON® pusher-type furnace facilities consume 60% less energy than the existing equipment, resulting in reduced emissions.

“The EBNER team was presented with a challenge when it came to the size of the Alcoa facility. With a charge weight of up to 1,200 t per furnace, Alcoa will operate the largest pusher-type furnace facilities that have ever been built worldwide,” said (Günter Mascher/sales and projects manager of EBNER). Each furnace is divided into eight individually controlled zones and accommodates 48 aluminum ingots, which are homogenized and reheated for the subsequent hot rolling process.

Each of the new furnaces is equipped with a separate ingot handling system. The sophisticated and well-proven EBNER ingot handling system ensures that the scalped ingot surface is never touched and thus stays free of damage.

EBNER, headquartered in Leonding, Upper Austria, is one of the leading manufacturers of heat treatment facilities for the steel, copper, and aluminum semi-finished products industries worldwide. The company manufactures continuous and batch-type furnaces featuring cutting-edge technology, i.e. systems delivering maximum performance and optimum anneal results. The company also provides customized turn-key and function-specific heat treatment solutions ranging from furnaces to complete process automation systems.

The US subsidiary Ebner Furnaces, located in Wadsworth/Ohio, is responsible for the US market. In addition to technical support and repair services to its existing clients and sales, Ebner Furnaces has manufacturing capabilities. With 70 employees, a machine shop and backed by talented engineers at the company’s R&D center in Austria, it can satisfy the most stringent client requirements.