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Austrian specialty beer finds its way into the US-market

January 2, 2009

 US taste buds enjoy Austrian brews

 This summer a US beer hunter discovered the small Upper-Austrian “Hofstetten” brewery (, located in the picturesque Mühlviertel. Their specialty brews and in particular their “ Granit-Bock ” beer, fermented in 2-centuries-old stone barrels beer and caramelized by using hot granite rocks, caught the attention of the buyer.

The small Austrian brewery was first mentioned in 1449 and is family-owned since 1847. The family’s great-great-grandfather, a cattle trader, took over when its former owner couldn’t pay their debts. In 1998 Peter Krammer inherited the company from his father. He concentrates on innovative brews and with his team of 9 employees produces 5,550 hl [= 4,700 US barrels] of first-class boutique beers. Some further brands they are planning to distribute in the US :

Kübelbier : Peter´s father is famous for showing up at parties with a few buckets of their unfiltered naturally cloudy pils beer (Kübel means bucket)
Hochland-BIO-Honigbock : a bock beer produced from all-organic raw materials including honey from a nearby moor

In the USA, one can buy their “Granit-Bock” beer in kegs at B. United International (contact: Mr. Matthias Neidhart at ) or enjoy it at the following restaurants:

The Beer Table, Brooklyn NY , 427 B 7th Ave ,
Spuyten Duvil, Brooklyn NY , 359 Metropolitan Ave
The Diamond, Brooklyn NY , 43 Franklin St
Waterfront Ale House, Manhattan NY , 540 2nd Ave

MyPlace Restaurant, Newtown , CT
Delaney's, New Haven , CT

Public House, Brookline , MA
Sunset Grill, Boston , MA

Ebenezer's Pub, Lovell , ME
MapRoom, Chicago , IL

Red Light, Orlando , FL

Max's, Baltimore , MD
Grand Cru, Baltimore , MD

Rustiva, Richmond , VA
Beergarden, Portsmouth , VA