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Austrian Wine Exports in 2007 Exceed All Expectations

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March 28, 2008

 Highest-Ever Export Values Reached with High Value Bottled Wines For Austrian Wine 

2007 appears to be the most successful export year ever. At the end of December, it was estimated that total exports for 2007 would be at 51 million litres with a value of € 93 million. Now, the actual figures are much higher:

According to Statistik Austria, total exports for 2007 were 56 million litres with a sensational total value of more than €105 million. A key factor for these impressive results is because of the strong value increase of more than 30% in high value bottled wine exports.

For Willi Klinger, general manager of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, this dramatic increase proves how well the major quality efforts implemented by Austria's winemakers have taken hold. "Practically no other wine country in the world shows such a dynamic and innovative wine scene," Klinger says proudly. "Our focus on high-level products is bearing fruit finally in exports as well. Austria's positioning as a wines-of-origin country with first-class bottled wines is now in full gear."

Austria's most important export market - and showing a value increase of 33% - remains Germany by far. Claiming second and third positions are Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) and the United States - which are important export partners especially because of the high average price of more than € 5 Euro per Litre. The exciting new-comer on Austria's export hit list - holding fifth position - is the Netherlands, which boasts an outstanding 81% value increase. Also Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as Great Britain, are experiencing enormous growth rates in Austrian wine imports.

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