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Austrians – world champions in waste separation

recycled aluminium cans © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


January 3, 2008

 95% of Austrians collect packaging materials like paper, glass, plastics and metal separately from residual waste.

90% of Austrians consider waste separation reasonable and important; for 76% it is even an absolute must. - These numbers, which are the results of a survey recently held in Austria, reflect the Alpine Republic’s leading position in waste separation and recycling. 

Reasons for this ready willingness to recycle among the Austrian population are: 

- The availability of collection boxes all around Austrian cities makes it relatively easy for consumers to dispose of used packaging materials like glass bottles, metal cans or plastics. (Over 1 million boxes for 8.3 million Austrians.)

- Paper and biodegradable waste is usually collected curbside.
- Austrians are very conscious of the fact that resources are scarce and valuable.
- The excellent cooperation between municipalities, waste haulers and Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA)* assures the success of the system.

“It has always been of particular importance to us not only to explain the necessity of waste separation to Austrian consumers, but also to make sure they understand why waste separation is so important”, says ARA’s General Manager Christian Stiglitz. The success of the Austrian system and the annually increasing collection numbers show he is right. 

Interested in more information about Austrian waste management and/or the Austrian recycling industry? Contact the Austrian Trade Commission Chicago at or 312 – 644-5556 (Daniela Koll –ext.202). 

*Altstoff Recycling Austria Aktiengesellschaft (ARA) is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 1993 through an initiative of Austrian trade and industry. Together with eight affiliated branch recycling companies, it organizes the collection and recovery of waste packaging materials all over Austria.