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DOKA uses its new technologies on a new skyscraper in Chicago



February 9, 2009

In 2009, Chicago will have a new spot in its impressive skyline, the Legacy. This 72-story tower will feature 355 luxury condominium residences, along with parking and retail facilities.

Given Chicago 's harsh winter environment and the close proximity of other structures, including elevated train tracks, constructing The Legacy presented its own set of challenges. The contractor wanted to create a closed working environment that would not only increase production, but would also ensure worker safety.
He was especially interested in protecting workers from Chicago's windy conditions, and containing heat in the cold, wintery months. The radial design of the Legacy posed another challenge.

Doka accepted the challenge

Doka , a supplier of engineered formwork, was ready to meet this challenge by creating a customized solution for the contractor. Although Doka had successfully used protection screens on many worldwide building sites, this was the first application for its Xclimb 60 protection system in the United States . “Although The Legacy building is not a perfect geometric square – the building tapers as it gets higher – Doka was able to adapt the Xclimb 60 protection system to the complex geometry of the building,” says Jim Milam, Doka field supervisor.

Doka preassembled the entire system in its factory and delivered it ready-to-use to the condominium work site. “We found that the Xclimb 60 protection screen's modular panel system adapted very well to the building's unusual design,” says Milam. “The protection screen enclosed three floors at one time, protecting workers and preventing material from falling off the work area.”

The contractor also requested a self-climbing loading platform, and Doka suggested using its Xclimb 60 formwork system. Designed for exceptional climbing safety, this system, when combined with the protection system, provides full high-rise perimeter protection for the working floor and three floors below.

In 2009, when The Legacy is completed, Chicago will have a bright, new addition to its glittering skyline. Doka's customized, “out-of-the-box” solution gave the contractor just what it needed right at the job site. With Doka's equipment, production levels were increased and workers were safe, even on a building with a challenging design.