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EREMA: 25 years of high tech plastics recycling systems

April 16, 2008

From small start-up to global market leader

April 14th, 2008 marked the 25th anniversary of Erema’s incorporation. What began with the daring idea of three plastics engineers is now setting the global standard in the innovative and cost-effective recycling of thermoplastic waste to form high-quality secondary raw materials. Due to its high performance and reliability, the “Erema system” earned an excellent reputation on a global scale with more than half of its approximately 20 competitors now offering the system with varying designs and quality standards. 

Since the company was founded, Erema has sold over 3,000 recycling plants that are capable of producing millions of tonnes of high-quality recycled pellets around the globe each year. Since October 2007, Erema has received 12 orders for their “Vacurema”-PET pelletizing line after introducing two new downstream units for PET at “K 2007” in Duesseldorf, Germany 

Erema is still under private ownership with 340 employees worldwide and annual sales in excess of EUR 100 million. The company operates sales and service facilities in the US (Ipswich, MA), China and Japan and has around 50 representatives worldwide. For more information, please visit their website