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Fifth Annual Passive Houses International Days were held from November 7 to 9, 2008 in Europe

December 12, 2008

Record breaking statistics: More than 6,000 guests visited 158 passive houses in Austria

IG Passivhaus Österreich, a network of regional passive house organizations from Austria, is the main force behind the promotion of the passive house standards in Austria . According to the management team of IG Passivhaus Österreich, this year’s event attracted the highest number of visitors. A total of 158 passive houses all over Austria was opened to the public; in the western most region of Vorarlberg 18 houses that were built under the passive house criteria were accessible. The IG Passivhaus Österreich team registered more than 1,000 guests in Vorarlberg alone.

Anyone interested in what it is like to live in a passive house had the possibility to examine the the special features of these structures. The current owners of these passive houses gave a tour of their homes, answered questions and explained in detail the advantages that occupants of passive houses enjoy. The passive houses in Austria were developed by different architects and built using various construction methods. The event mostly features residential passive houses, but visitors could also view public buildings such as schools and day care centers as well as office buildings.

To be called a “passive house” a building must meet the passive house performance standards. The basic standard is that a building must consume no more than 4746 BTU per square foot per year. This is achieved by constructing a building envelope that is extremely well insulated and airtight. A few of the advantages of a passive house:

  • passive houses are noticeably comfortable
  • passive houses use 90% less heating and air conditioning energy than a typical building
  • passive house principles can be implemented in all new construction, even in existing buildings

The International Days of the Passive Houses are organized by the German and Austrian Passive House Organizations and their members.

Further information can be obtained at the following websites:

IG Passivhaus Österreich


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