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Fronius International Receives Austrian State Prize for Innovation in 2008

February 13, 2009

Fronius Solutions for automotive industry successfully welds steel and aluminum together

The upper Austrian company, Fronius International, received in February of 2009, the Austrian state prize for Innovation in 2008. This prize is given for developing creative ideas and converting them into marketable, world class products. The prize was announced by the Austrian Minister of Economy, Family and Youth, Mr. Reinhold Mitterlehner.

Fronius’s core business is the development and manufacture of welding machines which are used mostly in the automotive industry. The company recently developed a technology and process, named “Deltaspot”, which successfully welds steel and aluminum together. Previously, the welding of these two materials was thought of as being “impossible”. This technology will allow automakers to develop lighter vehicles which will be more fuel efficient. Furthermore, Fronius has also integrated a quality control process into Deltaspot.

You don’t have to call Austria to learn more about Fronius and its innovative technology. The company has a subsidiary here in the United States located in the Detroit suburb of Brighton, Michigan.

In order to promote technological advances and research, each year the Austrian Ministry of Finance’s agency AWS nominates companies to receive this prize which has been given by the Austrian government for over 30 years now.