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Geislinger in Battle Creek, MI: “Phase II” Expansion in Full Swing

Michael Krenn & Franz Roessler
January 20, 2009

50th Anniversary celebrated in 2008

In “Phase II” of Geislinger’s U.S. operations, the company expanded its warehouse and production facilities during the summer of 2007. The Geislinger Corporation in Battlecreek, MI now has 3,500 square feet of office space as well as 12,000 sq. ft. of assembly, manufacturing, and warehouse space for the production of couplings and dampers.

Geislinger with its headquarters near Salzburg (Austria) started with its first U.S. operation in 2001. Geislinger’s plant in the southwest of Michigan employs some 20 people and is located on company-owned premises with reserve space for further expansion. Battle Creek was chosen to be the base of Geislinger’s North American Operations because of its proximity to manufacturing customers as well as the state’s and local support given for investments. Visiting Franz Roessler and Chris Schluter from the Austrian Trade Commission spoke with the ‘first U.S. employee in the U.S.” and present CEO Mr. Michael Krenn in Jan. 2009 about Geislinger’s successes so far and challenges coming up.

Geislinger Austria, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008, is one of the world’s leading, if not the leading producer of torsional vibration dampers and elastic couplings for high-output diesel and gas engines. These components are used for the ship building industry, locomotives with diesel drives, power stations as well as also by agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers. Geislinger prides itself on its high-quality products with the motto “Built to last” and its problem solving capacities. In fact, in 1959, Dr. Geislinger invented the first torsional elastic coupling. Besides North America, the Austrian company also has subsidiaries in China, Korea and Japan.