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Google Invests in Austria!

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January 27, 2009

Huge Site in Upper Austria Selected for Future Data Center

The transnational firm Google can locate its physical presence anywhere in the virtual world it has been so instrumental in creating. Google, the world’s leading web firm and search engine provider, recently chose Austria for a future data center by selecting a 185 acre (75 hectar) site in the Upper Austrian town of Kronsdorf . There were a large number of competing locations in Europe for this prestigious economic development engine, so what was the key to Google’s decision?

First, the hard facts: Kronsdorf offers the quality and size property Google sought, as well as a well-developed power, water, data line and transportation infrastructure. Secondly, the area has a significant supply of well-qualified and motivated personnel. Google also based their decision on the positive economic and committed political climate of the region. The company was impressed by Upper Austria ’s leading European status regarding renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Lastly, national (Austrian Business Agency), provincial (TMG) and local district development agencies all cooperated to build a strong business case for Google.

The project will be completed in approximately two years at an estimated cost in the hundred/s million Euro range. Details are to be determined.