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Greenbuild 2008 – The largest and most important trade show event dedicated to sustainable building was held in Boston, November 19 – 21 of this year

Companies get smart, Products go green


This year’s Greenbuild event was better and greener than any trade show event ever before. The Austrian Trade Commission in Chicago along with four companies from Austria exhibited at this major event for the first time.

The packed Greenbuild exhibit hall offered a range of wares on display – not only green products, ranging from mechanical systems to high-concept furniture, but also creative booth designs. Topping off our first-time participation was the steady traffic, a sign that the business of green is on everyone’s mind these days.

Among the more than 700 exhibitors at Greenbuild 2008 were four Austrian companies which represented their products and services at the Austrian booth:

Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH
KLH Massivholz GmbH
Millcell GmbH
So(u)lnetwork oekosolares planen & bauen gmbh

Apart from the Austrian booth organized by the Austrian Trade Commission in Chicago, Grander was one other Austrian company which exhibited individually.

Some of the trends that Dr. Georg Reichard, Professor of Building Construction at Virgina Tech, noticed at this year’s event can be summarized as follows:

  • Exhibitors more specialized in “green” products and services, starting with sustainable indoor and outdoor and industrial paints, floor and wall coverings made of recycled materials, etc.

  • Innovative and sustainable solutions for the private/residential building sector

  • More suppliers of software solutions with added focus on energy efficiency

  • A growing number of green roof displays compared to the event in 2008

Throughout every day of the show, which ran from November 19 to 21, visitors and exhibitors alike were given the opportunity to be part of the numerous educational sessions, the keynote speeches, the greenbuilding tours in and around Boston, as well as the social events offered by Greenbuild organizers.

The Greenbuild International Conference & Expo has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in 2002. Next year Greenbuild 2009 will be held from November 10 to 12 in Phoenix , Arizona . The Austrian Trade Commission will once again organize an Austrian booth for Austrian companies.

Interested in finding out more about these or other Austrian companies in this industry? Please contact us at chicago@advantageaustria.org .

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