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KTM's X-Bow Vehicle Wins Coveted Design Award

March 4, 2009

Austria's KTM & KISKA are both recognized for innovation

International Forum Design (IF) is honoring the both radical and modern design of the light-construction, carbon fiber sports car, the KTM X-BOW, with its prestigious IF Award. The decisive factors in the jury’s choice were the car’s minimalist design concept and the consistent implementation of the modern sports car theme, in which the construction’s architecture is also a design element. They were also impressed by the swiftness with which KISKA guided the concept, execution and completion of this extraordinary sports car. Just 18 months lay between the initial idea and the presentation of the first X-BOW at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2007. “Thanks in part to the X-BOW project, we have acquired comprehensive know-how regarding lightweight vehicles and the construction and series production of carbon-fiber automobiles,” says Sebastien Stassin, head of transportation design at KISKA. “That makes us an extremely interesting development partner for lightweight, environmentally friendly and emotional vehicles.”

In helping to design the KTM X-BOW, KISKA has successfully taken the already well-developed design idiom used by Europe’s second-largest motorcycle brand, Austria’s KTM, and translated it for the automobile sector. For KISKA, the acronym I.D.D. is behind this systematic, customer and purpose-applied implementation. I.D.D. stands for Integrated Design Development. And when this is applied to designs for KTM, it means the elimination of everything that is not essential.

With its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, KISKA has over 100 employees in 15 countries. KISKA offers comprehensive experience and capabilities in very diverse fields. From brand and design consulting to market research; from product positioning to product design; from product communication to product environment, KISKA offers all this under one roof.

The IF Award has been presented since 1953 and is one of the world’s most renowned awards. A jury of 28 experts honor outstanding design listings each year. The IF Award is presented in 16 different design categories. So trendsetting design concepts from the transportation sector are also included in the portfolio evaluated by the International Forum Design.

The award-winning items will be presented as part of a special exhibit on the trade fair grounds in Hannover from March to August 2009.