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Professor Ernst Pucher Develops Promising Fuel Saving Technologies

July 16, 2008

Austrian Professor is helping to create alternative fuels and vehicle drive systems

As a guest professor at the University of California at San Diego since 2003, Professor Ernst Pucher of Vienna’s Technical University has been helping to develop low emission and fuel saving technologies using hydrogen fuel cells.

California was a natural destination for Professor Pucher as California has long been a leader in promoting “greener” vehicles.

Professor Pucher is currently working with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, which includes the testing of several fuel cell vehicles. As part of the project, General Motors has built 200 Chevy Equinox SUV’s which are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. According to Professor Pucher, these vehicles can travel about 600 miles on about 9 pounds of hydrogen. A fillup for this special Equinox costs about $20, and California currently has 20 “hydrogen stations”. Plans call for General Motors to produce 10,000 fuel cell vehicles per year for sale in California sometime after 2013.

Other ongoing projects include fuel cell powered UPS delivery trucks manufactured by Daimler as well as DHL trucks developed by Toyota.

In addition to the low fuel costs, these vehicles also emit virtually no emissions.

Professor Pucher is also active on the board of directors for A3PS, an Austrian organization which promotes the development of alternative fuel drive trains.