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Responsible Care Certificate for Pipelife Austria

March 13, 2008

First Austrian plastics manufacturer to receive highly recognized award 

Just recently, Pipelife Austria accepted the “Innovation Award” for its newest products for the construction industry. As the leading plastic pipe manufacturer in Austria , Pipelife offers solutions for sewer and drainage systems, drinking water, sprinkler systems for parks, golf courses and backyards, among many other applications. Pipelife International is the result of a joint venture between Wienerberger ( Austria ) and Solvay ( Belgium ) formed in 1989. It has since established representation in 30 countries with some 3,000 employees. Pipelife Austria employs a staff of 272 in 22 facilities in Austria. With the acquisition of Jet Stream in Arkansas in 2000, Pipelife established their first U.S. subsidiary, Pipelife Jet Stream, Inc .

Last month, the company was presented with the “Responsible Care Certificate” confirming their practical responsibility towards society and the environment. Responsible Care is a global, voluntary program launched by the Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry 15 years ago with the objective to improve health, safety and environmental conditions. The criteria a company has to meet to qualify for the certificate exceed by far the legal regulations that apply in Austria . The assessment includes more than 200 questions relating to recycling, energy, waste disposal, air purification, noise, employee protection, etc.

For more information on Responsible Care please visit the website of theAssociation of the Austrian Chemical Industry