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Thinking out of the box



April 2, 2008

Austrian packaging companies come up with a variety of creative innovative solutions

Two enterprising young Austrians longing for a cold drink on a hot summer day developed a revolutionary new way of instantly cooling your canned beverage. The Cryotech company came up with a container complete with a built-in cooling system. Simply press a button on the bottom of the can and it starts cooling. So no matter where you are or what kind of outside energy sources there are, you can pop your can and enjoy that cold drink!

The Duropack company makes a multi-functional variable shipping box. The problem existed because there were all kinds of boxes with adjustable height, but none with adjustable length. Duropack set about creating a box that could be completely adjusted to the size of the product. The end result was a box with no less than 30 possible formats! The custom box conforms to the product size, thereby saving space, packing material and money.

Then there’s Verpackungszentrum Graz , which has developed alginsulate foam, a revolutionary new packaging product made from abundant supplies of algae. The foam replaces expanded polystyrene and can be used in transport packaging, in the fast-food sector, as heat insulation and in technical areas such as vehicle interiors. Another innovation is “double twist technology,” which, when combined with natural fibers, can be used to make environmentally friendly woven bags for potatoes and onions.

Attophotonics Bioscience specializes in packaging materials based on nanotechnology. It is working together with Mondi on plastic packaging foils that change color to reflect food freshness.