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Virtual Reality Made in Austria

December 22, 2008

VRVis is one of Austria’s leading research and development companies in the area of Virtual Reality and Visualization and a substantial part of Europe’s second largest computer graphics research group (which is located in Vienna!). In the above mentioned fields VRVis is offering contract research, consulting and development of products. The research work of VRVis encompasses basic as well as applied research and enables thus a successful connection between the academic and the economic world.

Founded in 2000, VRVis is an example for the successful Kplus initiative by the federal government and the City of Vienna. Besides its headquarters in Vienna (TechGate) the VRVis GmbH (Ltd.) has also a branch in Graz. Approx. 50 highly qualified researchers, 15 to 20 students (diploma thesis or internships) and six administrative employees work at VRVis right now. There are five scientific and eleven industrial stakeholders engaged at VRVis.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Visualization (Vis) are key technologies for communication. They enable not only the fast, meaningful and concise processing of data in a time of growing amounts of data, but also the realistic display of and interaction with past, current and future objects and surroundings.

The coworkers of VRVis are researchers with national and international reputation and are responsible for excellent success in the fields of:

• Real Time Rendering
• Virtual Habitat
• Scientific and Medical Visualization
• Virtual Reality
• Visual Interactive Analysis

These core competences are used by partners from different industrial sectors. The benefits of research and transformation of process- and product-innovation apply to:

• medical visualization
• automotive industries
• financial and insurance businesses
• city planning and cultural heritage

For current projects see: