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With KTM, Austria Now Has a Car Producer Again

X-Bow Car
June 26, 2008

KTM begins production of the X-Bow sports car

  There is a now an automobile manufacturer in Austria again!  Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has designed and engineered its first car, the X-Bow, which has now gone into production.  The X-Bow sports car is a lightweight, 2 seat sports car with racing performance.  The target customer is a driver who seeks a “pure” driving experience.

 The X-Bow is a no-frills sports car.  There are no doors, no roof, no windows and no electronics.  However, weighing approximately 1550 pounds and powered by a 240 horsepower Audi engine, the X-Bow can reach 60 miles per hour in just under 4 seconds.  For the X-BOW, KTM has utilized lightweight, super-modern carbon fiber panels in order to keep the X-Bow’s weight to a minimum. 

 KTM moved very quickly with the X-Bow, the car has gone from concept to production in only about two years.  According to KTM President Stefan Pierer, the X-Bow car is not only the fulfillment of a longtime dream for him, but also a significant strategic step for the KTM company. 

 The KTM X-Bow is assembled at a new 50,000+ square foot production facility in Graz.  The new facility belongs to KTM and is staffed by approximately 60 employees. 

 KTM plans call for an annual production of about 1,000 units.  The X-Bow costs Euro 58,608 (approx. $93,700) and will be on sale in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the UK, Switzerland and Austria.  Due to liability concerns, KTM does not currently have plans to market and sell the X-Bow in the United States