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Naturally ahead

The natural way has always been BIOMIN's way. The company’s product line Digestarom® is rapidly gaining ground on the US market with its unique blend of herbs, essential oils and functional flavors formulated for the needs of animals. The inclusion in livestock diets not only makes feed more attractive to the animal, it also helps to utilize feed more efficiently.  

Digestarom® is a specifically formulated palatant to support digestion and feed efficiency. References in the United States include supplementation of a calf milk replacer with Digestarom® which resulted in increased daily weight gain, improved feed conversion ratio and a reduced incidence of scours (Experimental station, United States).

Since its inception in 1983, BIOMIN has utilized excellence in R&D to develop natural, non-antibiotic solutions for a host of animal health and nutrition issues. Today, BIOMIN is widely recognised as a world leader in mycotoxin control and risk management, with equally strong portfolios in acidifiers, probiotics and phytogenic feed additives – all using the ‘natural way’.

Natural solutions are increasingly replacing the role once played by antibiotic growth promoters. BIOMIN offers sustainable animal nutrition products such as quality feed additives and premixes to help manage dietary requirements for swine, poultry, dairy, beef cattle and aquaculture.