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Connecting with Chrysler

ANGER MACHINING, one of Austria’s most innovative manufacturing technology companies, and Austrian advertising agency SchierholzSaxer SSX, developed a powerful ANGER billboard campaign that displayed a huge valve control part for an 8-gear automatic transmission. 

The campaign targeted Chrysler executives who commute to and from the firm’s headquarters and another key site. Tens of thousands viewed the billboards, but it was the intention only to reach a very small target group – Chrysler management. The billboards got noticed and, subsequently, ANGER won a contract in 2011 to provide seven HCX transfer center machines, the biggest order in ANGER’s 30-year history, to Chrysler’s Kokomo (Indiana) Transmission Plant.

As the most dynamically growing US automotive OEM, Chrysler-Fiat manufactures two of the most modern transmissions in the world for new rear-wheel and front-wheel drive Chrysler models. ANGER´s contribution is ANGER HCX transfer center technology which combines productivity and flexibility in machining components by changing a fundamental paradigm: it brings the workpiece to the tools, rather than the other way around.

A combination of machining excellence and a highly innovative approach to advertising has led to a significant Austrian business success in the important U.S. car market.