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A bio-polymer fibre that increases quality of life

The true value of lobsters, langoustines or prawns can be found in their shells: Chitosan. This active substance is processed by Austrian company Lenzing into an innovative product.

Chitosan is a bio-polymer with many positive properties. It relieves inflammation, is haemostatic, binds heavy metals and forms a gel or film. At the same time, the active substance is biodegradable and totally non-toxic. After intensive development, Austrian company Lenzing has managed to produce a cellulose fibre soaked with Chitosan.

With this new product, the developers of the TENCEL® C fibre have opened up completely new application areas and markets. The "wonder fibre" is of interest to numerous fields, from medicine to the cosmetics industry. TENCEL® C is skin-friendly, provides optimal conditions for wound healing, inhibits infection and can be used in compression stockings for diabetics.