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A new icon rises above Manhattan

ECKELT GLAS manufactures innovative glass products for specific functions such as safety, energy saving, acoustics, structural needs or aesthetics – often in very large sizes. In strategic export markets such as North America, the UK and East Asia, they concentrate on complex products and above-average logistical and technical challenges.

A significant new residential building is rising at the upper end of New York’s skyline. Located on the corner of 56th St. and Park Avenue, this slender, seemingly delicate building will be 1,377 feet high, 9 feet higher than the former World Trade Center.

For this important international project, ECKELT was selected to provide large, energy-efficient glass panes, beating both local and international competition for the contract. Key to their success was ECKELT’s latest investment in XL manufacturing capabilities to produce their uniquely insulated and coated glass for maximum dimensions of 3.3 x 8 meters (10.8 x 26.2 feet). The quality of their design and production will give optimum daylight and unique panoramic views.

Demand for large energy-efficient glass panes is increasing and ECKELT is well positioned to take advantage of this, being at the leading edge of the international market for exclusive, high performance glass panels.