Austria Showcase Water and Waste Technologies

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The Austria Showcase on water and waste technologies is a presentational and (digital) b2b matching event to foster business cooperation between Vietnam and Austria in the sectors of water and waste treatment. Opportunities are ample for cooperation between the two countries, both on an official as well as a business level.

The presentational event in Ho Chi MInh City took place on 20 November 2020. The virtual b2b meetings are scheduled between 1 and 4 December 2020.


Austria, with its extremely high innovative potential, is one of the leading countries in environmental technology. Thanks to the very successful “green technology”, Austrian companies enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Both companies and research organisations can boast a high level of specialized know-how in water technologies, sustainable waste management, innovative energy solutions, and resource efficiency.

The Austrian environmental technology companies are mainly middle-sized enterprises, many of which are family-run. This means that they are able to maintain particularly close contact with the client, offer personal service and a high degree of flexibility. The companies are proud of their proven commitment to fulfilling customer’s requirements and of their reputation as partners of international standing. 


FRESH VIEW on Environmental Technology (made in Austria) 

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  • VWMS GmbH - Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions

    The ColiMinder® by VWMS is a fully automated measurement system delivering results on microbiological contamination in 15 minutes. Real-time process monitoring, control and early warning is now possible for all water related applications, enabling a dramatic increase in efficiency & safety of water treatment ...

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