Austrian Business Circle (ABC)

  • Regularly in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi
ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Vietnam organizes regular get-together and networking events for the Austro-Vietnamese business community. The Austrian Business Circle is the most important platform for all Austrian entrepreneurs, their subsidiaries and business partners in Vietnam.

The following networking events are offered by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Vietnam to the local business community with an interest in Austria:

  • Austrian Business Luncheon: Quarterly in Ho Chi Minh City, and occasionally in Hanoi, these luncheons are the prime business networking events for our community. Usually enriched by a guest speaker, these meetings are the perfect venue for an informal exchange about current developments and market opportunities in the country.

  • ABC Networking Cocktail: Mainly in connection with events or delegations from Austria, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Vietnam organizes such events where you can meet new business partners and interesting personalities.

  • Subsidiaries' Roundtable: Together with Austrian subsidiaries in Vietnam, we discuss special topics of interest, such as regulatory and market-related themes.

  • ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Reception: A yearly get-together of the Austrian Business Circle and many local business partners.

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Can we help?

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