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Based on some selected data, find out here about the importance of the maritime industry.
  • 87.8

    million euros of export volume

    In 2017, Austria exported vessels and floating constructions worth EUR 87.8 million.

  • 1,260,000


    In 2018, more than 1.2 million people were transported on the Austrian section of the Danube.

  • 7.2 

    million tons of goods

    In 2018, 7.2 million tons of goods were transported on the Austrian section of the Danube.

  • 57%

    imports and exports

    Europe’s ports are important for the external trade of a landlocked country like Austria. More than half of all Austrian imports and exports in 2017 were handled via Europe’s northern ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, etc.

Source: viadonau, Annual Report Danube Shipping in Austria 2018
Transport volume on the Austrian section of the Danube in 2018 (in tons)
Domestic traffic 276,747 tons
Import 3,793,364 tons
Export 1,776,694 tons
Transit 1,355,564 tons
Total 7,202,369 tons


Last update : 11 November 2020