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Austrian enterprises in the Plant Engineering & Construction/Smart Factory sector are highly specialised: to meet the requirements of their customers. Our businesses are right at the forefront in the digitalisation of production and are modernising important industrial sectors, such as the food, textile, automotive or aviation industries. Austrian businesses are proud of their constructive and lasting cooperation with their customers all over the world. For example, in the delivery of almost 15,000 cable car systems around the world or installation of the world’s fastest production line for axle drives.

Proximity to customers in every part of the world is a big plus for Austrian businesses, which are capable of establishing strong and lasting business relationships thanks to the exportation of expertise-intensive plants. And there are two more secrets of success for plant engineers from Austria: excellent employee training and special expertise in industry 4.0 solutions.

Diverse range of products and services

International customers of Austrian plant engineering companies receive first-class services, from project planning and engineering and construction to the delivery of complete turnkey plants.

With its specialist know-how, the plant engineering sector is driving the modernisation of other areas forward, such as the metal, plastics and mining industry. Austrian manufacturers of boilers, combustion engines and gas turbines or the Austrian heating and ventilation system engineering companies provide all the components necessary to operate the plants and systems. Austrian consulting and electronics companies are also successfully addressing the automation and development of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Austrian expertise for customers all over the world

Austrian plant engineering companies have a great passion for their products. The companies are willing to invest in the future for the high quality, specifically in research and development and in the recruitment of junior staff. Austria is not only the home of international technology corporations who employ several thousand people and are globally leading suppliers of plants, equipment and services. The industry can also present local start-ups and numerous hidden champions  that  operate at the very top level internationally in their fields.

Industry 4.0

Austrian companies are right at the forefront when it comes to digitalisation of production. Industry 4.0 solutions are in demand worldwide and modernise important industry sectors such as the automotive, chemicals or pharmaceutical industry.

For the Finnish market leader in insulating glass, an Austrian company supplies glass cutting and insulation glass lines, a highly automated machining technology including processing and logistics that modernises the entire production process.

Austria's companies supply energy-efficient and low-emission plants to improve productivity and product quality. Intelligent production processes and innovation automation solutions are used here.


International customers of Austrian companies can rely on the good technical training of their employees, for instance on the graduates from Austrian universities (e.g. TU Vienna, Graz University of Technology) who collaborate with manufacturers in many fields. And almost half of the young people in Austria are trained in the "dual system". Furthermore, the technical colleges (HTLs) are the "technical backbone" of Austria.

In addition to the technical universities that provide top services, more than 50 non-university research facilities and/or institutions are cooperation partners for companies, e.g.

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Last update : 24.02.2023