Vienna on the move

  • Tokyo
SHOWROOM & EXHIBITION / fashion & fine art

Schedule:         16-19, March, 2016
Venue:              Lightbox Studio Aoyama

Special events
16.03.2016    OPENING PARTY / 7 pm – 10 pm
17.03.2016    PRESS CONFERENCE / 12:30 pm
18.03.2016    TALK – Migration in Arts and Fashion / 4 pm - 5 pm

VIENNA ON THE MOVE will present the new collections for Autumn/Winter 2016 of 9 fashion labels as well as artworks from 6 artists, all based in Vienna and referring to the context of migration.

VIENNA ON THE MOVE is referring to Vienna as a contemporary city in Europe, defined by the heterogeneity of its inhabitants. Historically Vienna was always a city of coexisting heterogeneous cultures – ranging from an antique Roman settlement up to the capital of the Empire of Habsburg monarchy until the early 20th century. And up to the presence, Viennese culture is increasingly defined by its inhabitants who moved there from heterogeneous national and cultural backgrounds. In this way the urban thread of Vienna is intrinsically linked to processes of migration and a new mapping of cultures enriching the spectrum at site. The project aims to present Viennese culture and arts as a result of heterogeneous influences from a variety of cultural backgrounds and as a lively and critical expertise in developing forms and politics of heterogeneity. 

It addresses a public audience as well as buyers and experts in the fields of fashion and arts.

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